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Today, it is easy to book independent travel directly online. However, it is good to consider why I recommend booking a trip with a reliable tour operator. 

As a tour operator, we always follow current restrictions and regulations both at the destination and around the world. We will notify you of the restrictions immediately if they do not affect your trip.

Now, after the pandemic, it is especially important to follow the government’s daily guidelines and advice as they can change very quickly. 

We know the destinations and the culture. we are local and we also visit the destinations ourselves whenever possible. We follow the news of the tourism industry every day here at the destination and around the globe.We are certified destination specialists and we always learn latest updates in the training of Service Providers and local tourism councils.

As a tour operator, our job is to make sure your trip goes according to the plan. If, for any reason, a service provider cancels your booking, we will arrange a similar service or seek a refund for you if possible. 

If you are unable to travel at the scheduled time due to a pandemic or natural disaster, for example. We strive to postpone the trip to a new time at the lowest possible cost (only the difference in prices). 

We serve in the same time zone 24 hours a day while you are traveling, so if something happens on your trip, we are here to make the necessary changes to your program. 

And above all, you are served by people. We are here for you!
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