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Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea, or PNG as it is often called is one of the most amazing destinations you could visit. It’s a remote location and limited options on the island make it so unique. You will find beautiful, remote beaches, colourful birdlife, crystal-clear diving spots and amazing cultural festivals. 

Travelling to a cultural show in PNG is of the most popular times to travel. Therefore, the tours are often fully booked as numbers are limited. We work closely with our local partners who will organise tours for these special events. The main event is in November each year, but there are cultural shows at other times as well. 

Bird watching, or birding is another popular activity in PNG. As the islands are still mostly uninhabited, wildlife is something you won’t see anywhere else. You will travel to the jungle and national parks to see beautiful colourful birds and other wildlife with a local guide. Tours are usually with a small group and availability is limited. 

You won’t find luxury hotels in PNG, and accommodation options are usually basic, local guesthouses. But the experience is amazing and one you will remember for the rest of your life! Meals are included and your guide will stay with you during your visit. 

You can also take a fishing tour or trekking in Papua New Guinea. If you are interested in an active holiday in PNG, please contact us and we will help to plan a trip you will remember. 

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