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New Caledonia

Spend your dream vacation in New Caledonia! You can easily combine this destination with your vacation in Australia or New Zealand - New Caledonia is the closest Pacific Island group to Australia or New Zealand, with flights taking as little as 2.5 hours.

The island group is also one of the most peaceful places with far fewer tourists than some of the nearby islands.

It’s an ideal destination to visit all year round, with temperatures around 20–30 degrees and the sea water 22–30 degrees. From April to October, the islands enjoy a drier and comfortably warm season, while from November to March is wetter and hotter.

New Caledonia is also one of the best places to get to know wildlife and nature, as the archipelago is home to several species found nowhere else. In addition, there is the world's second-largest coral reef (after Australia's Great Barrier Reef) and the New Caledonian archipelago is surrounded by the world's largest lagoon.

The capital, Noumea, is a modern city where you can experience French colonial history. The main language of the country is still French, but English is also widely spoken.

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