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Christchurch, Mountains and the Tasman Sea

Christchurch, Greymouth, Franz Josefin Glacier

Ask for a quote. The total price depends by your travel time, availability, number of people and your accommodation level. 
The TranzAlpine scenic train is one of New Zealand's three famous scenic trains. Combine this package with the Beauty of New Zealand by Train package and experience all three.

Itinerary Summary: 
Day 1   Welcome to Christchurch
Day 2   Historic Christchurch
Day 3   Scenic rail journey, TranzAlpine
Day 4   Franz Josef Glacier
Day 5   Return flight to Christchurch or your next destination
Day 6   Where to next? 

Day 1. Welcome to Christchurch

After your arrival, private transportation will take you to your hotel.

Relax or get your bearings around the city.

Day 2. Christchurch

Explore the city’s street art, historic district, botanical gardens, and take a guided tour on the historic tram.

Also try a guided punting tour on the River Avon in the Botanical Gardens. 

You can also ascend the nearby Port Hills by gondola, which offers stunning views of both the city and the mountains.

Day 3. TranzAlpine train ride

Transfer from the hotel to the TranzAlpine train, which will take you on a wonderful scenic journey towards Greymouth.

Travel over the mountains and through valleys from the east coast to the west coast.

Travel time is about six hours, and upon arrival in Greymouth transfer to your hotel.

Day 4. Franz Josef Glacier

Embark on a day trip to the famous Franz Josef Glacier, which is called Kā Roimata-a-Hine Hukatere in the Maori language.

The view is breathtaking and the glacier descends from the top of the southern alps down to the rainforest and national park.

The highest point of the glacier is about 3,000 metres above the sea level and the lowest only 240 metres above the sea level. The glacier is 11 km long, making it one of the steepest in the country.

The glacier also moves faster than any other -  about 50 cm per day. However, moving up to four metres a day is possible. The landscape changes daily, so every trip is different.

Guided tours are in English with the group.

Day 5. Return to Christchurch

Transfer to the Greymouth airport and return flight to Christchurch for your last night.

If you are planning to continue to another destination, we may change this directly to the next destination, if possible.

Day 6. Where to next?

Final morning in Christchurch and your next journey awaits. 

Breakfast and airport transfers are included in your package. Ask about additional flights or accommodation options at your next destination.
The itinerary is mostly an independent tour. All hotel reservations, breakfasts and the mentioned transfers, excursions or meals are included in the package.

The itinerary is an example as the tour may change, depending on the season. We will confirm the program as we plan your itinerary.
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